Accolado - reward box for paediatric audiometry (VRA, COR, etc.)


The Accolado (full details) is a unique reward box for paediatric audiology, combining the best of technologies. It is the result of a joint product between the companies Protolan, Otoconsult and the Eargroup.

The accolado offers a virtually unlimited number of rewards preventing the child from losing interest and stopping to respond:

  • 3 strong LED lights to flash alone or in different combinations
  • 1 LCD monitor displaying all kinds of animated images on all kinds of background colors (a picture set is included)
  • 2 peep show rooms in which mechanical toys can be illuminated and/or animated
  • And it contains 3 additional sockets in which you can plug any animated toy of your choice

The Accolado is installed in the sound-treated test room and connected to the local network.  It is operated by means of the A§E Accolado software which is installed on the audiologist’s computer inside or outside the test room.  Every reward can be activated from inside or outside the test room.  Successive rewards can be freely chosen, or randomly, or according to predefined sequences.


The A§E-Accolado software can control two Accolados (especially for CORA) , one left and one right.  It can be used as stand-alone application or combined with all A§E test modules, providing a full digital approach for the psychoacoustic testing of infants and toddlers.


The Accolado can be customized by installing your own electrical animated toys (operating on 220 or 110 V AC power) or by uploading your own animated pictures for display on the monitor.  Reward timings and sequences and methods for switching them on and off can be configured to your liking.




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