Audiqueen®: Audiological Results Manager

Since its origin, the eargroup has been a paperless office.  This is a token of our commitment to quality and service and our vision on a professional future which is profoundly digital.  Only by going digital, all data can be centralized, yet ubiquitously available.  This is essential for a team to have access to them at all moments. Thanks to the software company Otoconsult, we have been able to develop the highly specialized application Audiqueen to manage all specific ENT results.  Whether they are audiological, rhinological, imaging, documents, or other, Audiqueen guarantees their availablity at all times.  Audiqueen connects to all peripheral equipment in the ENT office and to virtually any electronic medical record (EMR) at the other side.  Because of these unique capacities, Audiqueen is becoming the standard of qualtiy in private practices and hospitals in Belgium and abroad.  



Audiqueen® is an ORL-results management program for ENT-practices or audiological services. It is especially interesting for services where loads of audiological data have to be managed, like ear clinics, CI-centres, auditory rehab centres, etc.   The software runs on a single PC (“stand alone”) or in a local network (“LAN”) with a server and several clients.   If you already have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Audiqueen is fully complementary to it. Your software developer can easily create a button to launch Audiqueen from within the EMR to manage the patient’s own audiological data. This takes only a couple of lines of software code and clear instructions come with the package. Click here to visit the website.  Watch this video to get a comprehensive overview of the power of Audiqueen.  Many more Audiqueen videos are available at Otoconsult's website.



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De oorgroep is actief betrokken bij de R&D van Otoconsult. Het gaat om onderzoek en ontwikkeling van medische software en hardware. Zo werkt de oorgroep actief mee aan de wereldwijde kwaliteitsverbetering van de klinische otologie en audiologie.

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Cochleaire Implantatie

De oorgroep is internationaal leidinggevend in cochleaire implantatie, cochleaire en andere oorimplantaten. Selectie, implantatie, afregeling van het 'cochleair implantaat', research en ontwikkeling. Maak gerust een afspraak voor al uw vragen.

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