Instructional Video: How do we perform Paediatric Audiometry at the Eargroup?

K Daemers, K Weekers, C De Beukelaer, S De Niel


Measuring the hearing capacity is of the utmost importance for quality control and good practice.  Where this may seem obvious in adults, it is far less trivial in children.  The challenge in children is multiple.  The test sounds are often boring and the attention span of children limited.  Eliciting responses may require conditioning or play.  Interpreting their responses requires experience and an eye for detail and subtleness.  There is not one single best method, but sharing one's own experience may help others.  Thanks to a donation of the Soroptimistenclub Eeklo-Meetjesland, we have been able to produce 5 instructional videos on how we perform paediatric audiology.  They are not dogmatic but rather an illustration of how we do it and what we find important.  We hope they can serve as practical guideline for those of you committed to this field.


View the entire video (1 hr) or pick one of the chapters:
Part 1: Preparing and setting the right test conditions (5').
Part 2: Conditioning the child (24').
Part 3: The testing procedure (15').
Part 4: Dealing with "bad behaviour" (7').
Part 5: Interpreting the responses (4').
Part 6: What the tester should not do... (3')




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